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Welcome to Zoeys Doxies, your premier destination for adorable and loving mini-Dachshund puppies in Alabama! As a passionate Dachshund enthusiasts and dedicated breeder, we take pride in connecting families with their perfect furry companions. Our breeding program focuses on producing healthy, well-socialized Dachshund puppies that bring joy to every home they enter. Explore our site to discover why we’re the top choice for those seeking quality mini Dachshunds that embody charm, intelligence, and irresistible personality.


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Dachshunds also known as “Wiener dogs” were bred to chase and hunt down badgers so that puts them in the hound group. They have a fearless attitude and a playful spirit. Due to hunting badgers in their heritage they do like to dig holes, but they are just digging you “love puddles”. Dachshund are either standard or miniature in size. They adapt very well to their surroundings making them great pets for apartment living or tiny homes. They are affectionate and very loving. They can be territorial and make great watchdogs because they definitely can bark. Their life span is 12 to 15 years which is about 30 years to short. Once you have a dachshund you will never be without one. Dogs love unconditionally and it’s a known fact they can extend your life span.

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We are Dachshund breeders and have been raising dogs for over 20 years now. We offer Dachshund puppies for sale to good homes. We breed both long haired and smooth coat miniature dachshunds. We have different colors including reds, creams, blues, and black and tans. We are located in North Alabama. 

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Since his brother and sister left this little cream boy of Maggie’s litter has been staying with Molly’s litter. They are actually half brothers and

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Our dachshund’s facility is clean, spacious, and a comfy home environment. They have an oversized recliner that they all can get in. Their home is always climate controlled so that they are never hot nor cold. They have doggie doors so they can go outside any time they like. Their area is cleaned every day and as needed. They have an outside playground and get to stay out a lot.

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